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The original village Dörf was founded in the 17th century near Seifenbach (Sejfský, now Ryzí stream) and at the beginning of 18th century its name was changed to Harrachov by its owners (originally Harrachsdorf)

Trosky Castle

The picturesque area called The Czech Paradise is dominated by the remarkable ruin of Trosky Castle. The castle has two towers, the eastern one is called The Virgin and the western one The Crone.

Source of the River Neisse

The Lusatian Neisse is a 252 km long river in Central Europe

Church of St. John the Baptist - J.Hradec

The Early-Gothic Church of St. John the Baptist was probably founded by the Teutonic Order about 1260

Ještěd Mountain hotel

The building of the Ještěd hotel is a unique symbol, not only of Liberec, but of the whole of the Liberec region.

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